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January 13, 2013
by 34mk2012

#etmooc Introduction Task

Our first task (other than getting organised!) for ETMOOC is to create a video/slideshow introduction to ourselves. I decided to use the app videoscribe to create mine with a tagxedo word cloud included as well. I have used this app to make clips for staff meetings and our 5/6 students have also used it – very simple and quite effective. Make up your own mind …


August 13, 2012
by 34mk2012

August Teach Meet

On Saturday August 11th, 60 keen teachers gathered at the Immigration Museum for a TeachMeet. Like the title says, it is a meeting of teachers who gather to share some of the great things that are happening in their schools. This was my first experience and one I am keen to repeat.

My students were very keen to hear about the session from Danelle Batten ‘How Minecraft is Changing Learning.’ I teach a very dedicated crew of Minecraft fans and although Danelle works with Year 9’s, she gave me plenty of food for thought about harnessing the power of the game for learning opportunities, particularly for some of the boys who tend to be less engaged in literacy focussed tasks. Check out this link if you would like to know more;


Edna Saxon from Mount Scopus gave a presentation on Concept Driven Learning, linking beautifully with what we do at Holy Spirit with Integrated Studies and RE. She used a great graphic of an avocado to communicate her ideas; the skin as what is worth knowing, the flesh as what is important to know and the seed as the enduring understandings.  Interesting to consider the relative size of each part of the avocado and how that relates to the learning – what do we spend most of our time on … the skin or the seed?

We also had presentations on Aurasma and augmented reality in the classroom, Why hexagons are better than squares, Danny Deck Chair and how to ‘hide’ maths in authentic learning investigations, using Google Drive forms for learning, using history pin, Teachers Across Borders, Kodu game creation, Macbeth on Trial and flipping the classroom using online video.

I came away from the day with a few things to ponder and follow up on and enthusiasm for continuing to attend TeachMeets when I can. Highly recommended!




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