A Learner's Journey

January 20, 2013
by 34mk2012

Why I Blog

Tweeters in my PLN and in the ETMOOC community have been raving about Haiku Deck and how great it is to use and pleasant it is to watch. I had installed this app some time ago but never quite ‘got it’. So today’s project was to have a go and see what happened. As usual, the hardest thing is to decide what to create so I decided to collate and present some of the reasons why I blog, both personally and with my students. So here it is – nothing flash – just my thoughts – about the importance of blogging to me.


Haiku Deck is the best application for creating presentations on iPad

January 7, 2013
by 34mk2012

Things to come …

Well a new year is here and it will no doubt bring with it many new challenges. I am moving to a new level, 5/6 having taught 3/4 for the past three years. I am ready for the change and looking forward to seeing ‘what comes next’ for the students I have handed on over previous years.

Here are some commitments I am making for this new year:

  • continue to explore the purposeful use of ICT as a tool within my classroom. I am most interested in the opportunities ICT can provide for students in terms of the ways they can express their learning. I am keen to pursue the use of desktop computers and mobile devices for the creation of knowledge and understandings that can be shared.
  • pursue the use of classroom blogging as a means to more connected learning for my students. My class signed up for quadblogging last year via www.quadblogging.net and this was a great experience in building connections with students in other countries and having an authentic audience to share with. I would also like to explore ways of getting parents more on board with blogging.
  •  I am commencing a MOOC in mid-January which will be a completely new learning experience for me. This MOOC explores the use of technology in education and you can follow on twitter using the following hashtag #etmooc OR sign up yourself at www.etmooc.org
  • As I have completed my Masters now, I am going to engage in professional reading around the topics of the collaborative classroom, creating a positive learning culture and leadership within schools. I already have a stack of books on my list and will add to it with recommendations from my PLN on twitter.

So, I will stick to four commitments that I think are achievable rather than adding the myriad of other options floating around my mind. Watch this space to see how I go …



August 11, 2012
by 34mk2012

Here I Go!

Having joined the twitter educational community 3 months ago and starting a class blog, here I am now starting my own! I have been on an amazing professional learning journey in the past few months which is invigorating and exciting.

Starting a class blog is something I had wanted to do for a while so in the last school holidays, it was time. After many hours playing around, it was up and running and 3/4 MK and I were away.

I have been astounded to see the far reaching impact of such a relatively simple change to my classroom practice. The students are highly motivated to record, write and publish the learning and events of our classroom to the blog and have continued to engage in the classroom after school and on holidays. The connections it has allowed to the world wide community of learners as well as our more immediate learning community have been wonderful and to see the excitement of the students when we receive comments has been great.

After some encouragement from our school bursar, I also opened a twitter account. What a revelation that has been! Just this week, I been a part of some stunning Professional Development that I would never have known about other than through twitter. I have been able to read some great articles, participate in educational chats, share ideas, visit other blogs and build a PLN in such an accessible and supportive environment.

And so my journey continues … it is an exciting and inspiring time to be in education!

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