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February 17, 2013
by 34mk2012
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Learning to Storify

Another #etmooc task under my belt … my first storify. I decided to storify some of the tweets from the past week that demonstrate my PLN at work via twitter. I get so much from interacting with others on twitter – ideas, educational conversation and banter, feedback, affirmation and challenge, professional reading and even new shopping sites! (Every teacher needs a break!!) Here is a taste of my week on twitter …



January 27, 2013
by 34mk2012

My PLN … on fire!

Over the Aussie school holidays, I have managed to connect with a couple of teachers who will be teaching the same level as me. I tweeted out just after Christmas that I had just read a brilliant book, Wonder that I thought I would use with my 5/6 class in term 1. I have blogged about that here. This tweet has lead to a great sharing of resources and information that I may otherwise not have found.


(and I also reveal to you my love for stationery!)

I have also enjoyed #summerbookclub over the holidays organised by @corisel. Each Sunday evening, we have participated in a twitter chat about what professional reading we have been doing and how it may effect our practice. This has been a lively discussion each week and I now have a growing list of must reads because of it.

Tonight, we have been sharing our thoughts on #whyilovegoingbacktoschool and it so So heartening to read all of the responses and realise that education in Australia is in the hands of some very dedicated and switched on teacher/learners.


In what ways has your PLN stretched your thinking, opened up new ideas or supported you in the last couple of weeks?

October 21, 2012
by 34mk2012

Collaborating via the twitterverse!

The week before last, I was scrolling through my twitter feed as I love to do, when I came across  one from @deputymitchell requesting a class that would be interested in making a video to inspire his class about problem solving. Although video is not my forte, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with another school across the oceans. Our brief was to make a video showing students struggling to solve a problem and deciding to consult the class blog of @deputymitchell for help. This is what the students came up with:

Problem Solving

They did this independently with minimal assistance from me. I gave them a problem to use but they found it hard to ‘fake’ not understanding it because it was too easy and they knew exactly how to solve it! I was so proud of the great job they did. I love it when students just ‘run with’ an idea and take it somewhere I have never imagined myself. I constantly marvel at how capable my students are! We are looking forward to further ‘conversation’ with Deputy Mitchell’s class via their class blog as they respond to our video.

We have also been the focus blog for quadblogging this week so have had lots of visitors from our partner schools in the UK. Having such a global audience is enormously rewarding for my students and highly motivating. They have enjoyed responding to comments made and are just as keen when it is our turn to visit one of the other blogs for the week. Follow @quadblogging on twitter.

I tweeted out a request for help earlier last week collecting data about favourite icecream flavours. We have had responses on our blog from all over the world  and have now some real data to use in our Data Maths unit. Students have delighted in seeing the variety of responses and places they have come from. Thanks to all the tweeting participants!

So over the past two weeks, my students and I have reaped great benefit from the support of my PLN … Time well spent investing in building  and participating in it!

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