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January 20, 2013
by 34mk2012

Why I Blog

Tweeters in my PLN and in the ETMOOC community have been raving about Haiku Deck and how great it is to use and pleasant it is to watch. I had installed this app some time ago but never quite ‘got it’. So today’s project was to have a go and see what happened. As usual, the hardest thing is to decide what to create so I decided to collate and present some of the reasons why I blog, both personally and with my students. So here it is – nothing flash – just my thoughts – about the importance of blogging to me.


Haiku Deck is the best application for creating presentations on iPad

January 18, 2013
by 34mk2012

Curating Content and Diigo

I have just caught up with one of the #etmooc sessions on curating content. There is plenty of content arriving in my inbox and twitter feed daily and to help in organising it,  I am using Diigo.  This slide from the blackboard session (created by Jeffery Heil) details some of the things you can do with Diigo.


I have used this tool for a few months and have set up lists that match my interests. I am working hard to tag things as clearly as possible to make it easy to find what I want later. The diigolet is very handy for bookmarking sites, pages etc that I want to either keep or read later. There are still some tools I have yet to try such as notes and highlighting but the webinar has shown me how they can be used. This is how my Diigo library looks at present (but growing daily!)

I have found Diigo invaluable for being able to locate that ‘great idea’ or ‘interesting video’ that I have stumbled across. It has enabled me to use many of these resources for professional learning for staff meetings or personal use with ease, and I can also share my Diigo account with others. This is the aspect of Diigo that I know I need to work on, building a network of shared groups and connections like I have on Twitter.

Have you used Diigo or other curation tools? How do you build connections through curation tools?

January 13, 2013
by 34mk2012

#etmooc Introduction Task

Our first task (other than getting organised!) for ETMOOC is to create a video/slideshow introduction to ourselves. I decided to use the app videoscribe to create mine with a tagxedo word cloud included as well. I have used this app to make clips for staff meetings and our 5/6 students have also used it – very simple and quite effective. Make up your own mind …


January 12, 2013
by 34mk2012

#etmooc 2013

I am excited to share that I have joined a global community of educators who are collaborating together over the next few months via ETMOOC. This opportunity came about through my PLN on twitter and as my Masters is complete, I have decided to jump into a new way of learning. It is great to see some fellow Australians signing up too and I am looking forward to the opportunity to share the learning with them. I am sure there will be many challenges and questions along the way but these are often the way to deeper learning ultimately. 

You could always join me… 

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