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Welcome to my blog A Learner’s Journey. I am a primary school teacher, currently sharing a 5/6 grade and holding the position of Religious Education Leader at Holy Spirit Community School, North Ringwood.

Since my return to teaching after a 10 year break at home caring for our 4 children, I have been fascinated and motivated by the explosion of technology and the possibilities it creates for new ways of learning.  The more I teach and interact with my students, the more I realise the need for a broad range of approaches to cater for such a diversity of learning needs. This is not only challenging, but exciting! I am currently enjoying experimenting with many new technologies to improve student outcomes and trying to embrace the need for a more flexible approach to learning within a very traditional classroom structure.

I returned to study two years ago commencing my Masters in Religious Education which has most firmly placed me as a learner. It has been a great experience sharing the learning and some of the challenges with my students and has helped them to see that we truly all can be life long learners. I have gained much from the course professionally and personally and am enjoying the change of pace this year without studying formally. I am currently involved in ETMOOC, an online learning course. There are approximately 1600 educators from all over the world exploring the place of technology in education.   

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