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Tennis Time!


Today I was inspired by some of my fellow “etmoocers” to try and create a gif. This is new to me although I have embedded one created by someone else onto my classroom blog. My gif tells the story of a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, where two of my boys have headed out into the backyard for our own Australian Open! Here it is …



If you would like to try creating one yourself, you can find some help here. I am wondering how this tool would be valuable in the classroom. Any thoughts …



  1. Great job! I love the story it tells and have been wondering the same question – what are some creative and innovative ways we can use this tool in the classroom? I think they could be good for help students think through the steps of something and then creating a GIF (similar to the exercise of walking someone through how to make a sandwich, you don’t realize how many parts there are until you have to explain it). It could be a nice way for students to reflect and practice their knowledge. They could also be a neat medium for students to share small snippets or moments of their home lives/cultures. What do you think?

    • Hi Maggie and thanks for your comment. I think all your suggestions are great ones and anything that helps our students think things through step by step has to be good. It woudk be a useful tool for communicating scenes from special events at school without having to video the whole thing too.
      Look forward to sharing some more ideas with you throughout the etmooc!

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