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Our current topic in ETMOOC is Digital storytelling. It is the beginning of the school year in Australia and I wanted to get an essential agreement in place with my new 5/6 students. To engage them in the process, I created an animation using GOANIMATE. This is the first time I have had a play with this tool and found it simple to use. The students responded really well to the video, having a laugh but also being able to understand what was required of them and get straight to the task without me having to say a thing. I am not entirely sure this is classified as ‘storytelling’ but I guess it is part of our class story for 2013.


Essential Agreement by 56MandM on GoAnimate

Video Maker – Powered by GoAnimate.

I think this tool has great potential in the classroom and can allow students to tell their own stories in another way. What other tools do you use for students to share their stories?



  1. Impressive Mary, I will definitely give GoAnimate a go 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! Was certainly a more engaging way to do the whole ‘classroom rules’ type session and we came up with some great words to describe our ideal learning environment. Easy tool to use and will definitely try it with my class too.

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