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Tweeters in my PLN and in the ETMOOC community have been raving about Haiku Deck and how great it is to use and pleasant it is to watch. I had installed this app some time ago but never quite ‘got it’. So today’s project was to have a go and see what happened. As usual, the hardest thing is to decide what to create so I decided to collate and present some of the reasons why I blog, both personally and with my students. So here it is – nothing flash – just my thoughts – about the importance of blogging to me.


Haiku Deck is the best application for creating presentations on iPad


  1. Nice example of what you can do with HD. Thanks for this. I posted it on my scoop.it site.

    Hope you enjoy learning @ #etmooc.

    P.S. Could not find your name on the blog. Might want to correct that. Helps to make PLN connections in forums like #etmooc BB Collaborate.

  2. Thanks Dennis.
    Will fix up the name thing – had overlooked that.

  3. Mary, we’re really happy you gave Haiku Deck a try! Have fun with #etmooc and keep those Haiku Decks coming!

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