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#etmooc Introduction Task


Our first task (other than getting organised!) for ETMOOC is to create a video/slideshow introduction to ourselves. I decided to use the app videoscribe to create mine with a tagxedo word cloud included as well. I have used this app to make clips for staff meetings and our 5/6 students have also used it – very simple and quite effective. Make up your own mind …



  1. Looks great Mary. I am trying to decide how to present mine. It’s so hard to decide what to do!

  2. Mary I love your video. I have never heard of VideoScribe before so you have already taught me something new! My students will love it!

    • Thanks for commenting Lorraine. I have already found over the past week of etmooc that I have a whole raft of new tools to try which is exciting. I think I need to get my log ins under control though!! Hope you enjoy introducing your students to this tool. Mine definitely enjoyed it.

  3. Mary, This looks great! I haven’t used this tool before. It looks very effective and communicates your message clearly. I am looking forward to learning more from and with you soon. 🙂

    • Thanks Daniela. I have used it quite successfully with students also and it is another way of communicating understanding and learning. I think my 5/6’s this year will really enjoy using it.

  4. Mary

    Like the others who have left comments, I have never heard of VideoScribe, and I love the look of it. I hope it is simple to use, and by that I mean that personal artistic skills are NOT required!

    Week 2 is upon us. What are your hopes for this week?
    See you online soon, I hope.

    • Thanks Julie.
      No, you don’t need any artistic skills! You select the pics and the app does the drawing for you. I found it very straightforward and I love the way it presents the show.
      Week 2 – Mmm, I am looking forward to the webinar in advanced blogging as I have been blogging for a while and am keen to go the next step. Just trawling through all the tweets and blog posts is also on the agenda as you never know what you might find!
      What about you and week 2?

  5. Trawling indeed! You will definitely see some trawling images on my next post–great visual for the process-thanks!

    I am looking forward to thinking more about how I can support the learning of others. I am a literacy coach, so I am always preoccupied with filling my toolkit in order to be ready to serve others. I will have to try out VideoScribe for example, and then connect the tool with student learning. In other words, how can this tool help students capture their learning?

    See you online soon,

    • Thanks Julie.
      The thing I like about videoscribe is it is another tool which allows students to convey their knowledge, ideas, understandings and questions about what they have been learning or inquiring into. That would be how I envisage using it in the classroom.

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