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Twitter and the REL Network



Twitter is a quick and easy way to share ideas, resources, successes and learning, and a great way to support each other in our role as educators. We can create connections with other REL’s and create a vibrant network in between meetings. Twitter is an easy way to stay in touch with one another, send a quick message of support, send out a request for help, celebrate a great learning experience or share a great new resource.


Sign up for a twitter account at www.twitter.com. Create a profile briefly giving people an idea about who you are and what you do so that potential followers can easily see why they should follow you! It is a great idea to add a photo – others are much more likely to follow a person than an egg!  A photo also enables others to recognise you when you meet face to face. Download a twitter app for your mobile device so you can easily tweet when you are at PD, meetings or out and about. Start by following the REL’s listed below and see who they are following to get you started. Follow anyone whose profile matches your interests, skills or specialities. Keep your tweeting professional. Most of us are not that interested in where you are having coffee but we are very interested in a great new Web 2.0 tool you’ve used successfully.




Use #ERORE at the end of your tweet to alert your network to your message. You can search for this hashtag and quickly see anything that has been tweeted by the network. Save the search so it is easy to find.


Have a look at some of these links if you are keen to find out more …




Be warned … twitter is VERY addictive!


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  1. Great post Mary. I hope that the RE network will be encouraged to join Twitter and see the benefits that connecting through Twitter can have. I believe Twitter is the best tool I can use for my own personal learning and I can’t imagine not having my PLN for support and inspiration.


    • Thanks Aimee for your positive feedback. I totally agree with you about Twitter and my PLN. I think I have learnt more in the past 4 months than in any other period in my teaching career. I also realise how the way I see myself as ‘teacher’ has really transitioned to ‘learner’ leading other learners and I think it is largely through being on Twitter and being at Uni. Seeing myself in this way has had an enormous impact on my classroom practise. We are currently doing an inquiry unit on Energy. Two years ago, I found this unit uninteresting and possibly a bit intimidating as it was outside of my area of knowledge. This time around, I feel much more relaxed and open because I truly know that I don’t have to know it all and the kids and I will figure it out together.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Fantastic!! Hopefully, many others from your network will get on board and see the benefit of Twitter. Chris

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