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A funny thing happened …


An interesting experience in my 3/4 class last week …

we were involved in learning about multiplication and division and investigating factors and I showed the students a card game that would help them to work with these concepts. We also had some work to finish off on the computers publishing our texts about Book Week and dressing up. I decided maybe we should split up as a few computers were free in the next door classroom as well as ours. I was really surprised when I suggested to some students they might like to work on the computer first – “Ohh … we wanted to play the game, can’t we play it first, that’s not fair” and so on. SO a card game trumps time on the computer … that was a surprise!

I guess as I reflect on this experience, what I see is that for our students, it is not a case of ‘computer an any cost’ but rather it is more about what they are doing on it. I have used my own iPad in my classroom for most of the year and the students clamour to have it in their hands and have a turn. They are completely entranced when my two integrated students use theirs for any purpose and yet … they all really wanted to play the card game with a real deck of cards. This reminds me that engagement can take many forms and it is vital that we maintain the good, engaging and successful practices we have always used as well as embracing new technologies and the opportunities they bring for learning.

As the saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!

One of our babies, Billy having his very first bath at home! (now 11!!)


  1. Well said Mary,
    It is very true that even kids see that there are times when computers are just not the right tool or something else is more important. Your post made be think of a post I read recently http://smartblogs.com/education/2012/08/17/are-kids-really-motivated-technology/.
    Thanks for blogging


  2. Thanks Celia.
    I read that post you mentioned also. It is always a big scary putting your thoughts out there and I often feel so much less sophisticated than some of the amazing things other people write. But at least it is a start. Maybe we will connect in person sooner or later! You’re not part of the Catholic Identity PD this week by any chance?

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